Our Story

It all started when a boy and girl fell in love in Big Sky, Montana.

With time well spent in the snow-capped mountains and along the trout-filled rivers of the Great Northwest, Cody and I were inspired by a simple and handcrafted way of life.

In the spring of 2015, we purchased a 100-year-old Chandler & Price printing press and hauled the 1-ton beast into our shop. After a lot of elbow grease and WD40, we oiled it up, rotated the flywheel and saw our press come to life. We've affectionately named her Lynx, #lynxtheletterpress.

Inspired by Audubon books, field guides and etchings from an earlier era, each of my original illustrations start with research and many compositional sketches to best capture the life of the creature or scene.

From there, they are drawn by hand with a professional pen tablet as a digital illustration and processed into plates to be used on our press.

The centuries-old printing process of Letterpress requires extensive time and attention to detail with each sheet of paper hand-fed through the press. Every print carries subtle changes in ink color and impression resulting in an incomparable and distinct work of art.

After countless hours of honing in the craft, it is with great joy we announce the official launch of our Northwest-inspired stationery line. Every detail of the collection has been thoughtfully illustrated to infuse the heart of our land. It's a story we get a glimpse of every time we step out into the woods of the Northwest.

A story we wish to share with you.

Ariel Lewis
Ariel Lewis
Co-Owner, Creative Director & Illustrator

Cody Lewis
Cody Lewis
Co-Owner, Business & Operations Director